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Why Date Coaching?

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Is your love life non existing or not where it should be?
Successful executives, entrepreneurs and athletes work with coaches to help them reach their potential and achieve results. Why not do the same for the most important aspect of your life, love?

Date coaching,  - who needs it?

Your dating life is pretty non-existent
Whatever it is you’re doing is not working and yet you keep on doing the same thing in the hope that something will change
You wonder where all eligible men / women are
You suffer from “Approach Anxiety”
You do not get a lot of second dates
You keep dating the “wrong” people and getting into the wrong relationships
You are newly single, recently divorced or widowed, and want to start transitioning back into the dating scene but want to do it right and don’t really know where to start.
All your dates want to be “just friends”
etc. etc.
If you want to change any of the above but don’t know how,
it is time to contact me, Trea, your dating expert. One of the main things I have learned in working for over 10 years as a matchmaker and dating expert is that almost everyone needs date coaching.

Why work with Trea?

I have been running a successful dating and matchmaking agency since 2005 and before that worked in human resources for many years. I have a lot of experience with people, dating and relationships.
I also have the necessary life experience and a warm, empathetic and pragmatic personality. A creative solution finder with a lot of common sense, I can offer a sympathetic ear and also provide no nonsense, direct and honest pointers and practical advice.
You can count on me to be straightforward in asking questions and making requests.

I am not licensed to practice psychology and the date coaching is not intended to replace counseling. It simply offers support based on my own experiences and those of thousands of men and women who have contacted us.

All coaching sessions last 50 minutes and conducted by telephone or skype.

The coaching relationship is built on trust. All conversations and information shared are kept private and confidential.

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Contact Trea for further information and to book your coaching sessions


250 CHF per session