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SuccessMatch regularly features one of their clients in a Client Spotlight

Could this person be the right partner for you or someone you know? 

Untitled designProfile CN-1818, This Italian lady in her mid-50s is a true cosmopolitan. She has lived all over the world and speaks 5 languages. She is attractive, classy, well-educated and curious, and she's a happy, confident woman! Fulfilled professionally, she has an active and flexible lifestyle and loves a range of activities, from rowing and hiking to skiing and horseback riding. She also has a passion for photography, travel, cultural events, writing, house renovations and hosting dinner parties for friends.
She’s looking for a life partner. Are you a true gentleman, a man with a big heart and courage, happy about your achievements and going after your life passions? Then she could be your match!

Contact Eeke while our Client is on the Spotlight, as should we think you could be compatible and a date makes sense, we will organize your complete first date with no charge to you.

Send an email to eeke@successmatch.ch and mention this clients profile number (CN-1818)